About Us

The American Association of Multi Sensory Environments (AAMSE) promotes awareness, access, education, research, and science for people who would benefit from Multi Sensory Environments (MSE).



  • Identify, acknowledge, and educate individuals who have a stated interest in multi sensory environments (MSE).
  • Provide a forum for people to share knowledge and resources about multi sensory environments (MSE).


  • Create and acknowledge a body of formalized training and protocols based on research and science.
  • Provide training opportunities to interested people.
  • Create and maintain a registry of people and places who have been trained in the use of multi sensory environments (MSE).


  • Promote and encourage research standards and protocols.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of scientific inquiry on multi sensory environments (MSE).

Education, Therapy, Health, and Socialization

  • Facilitate multidisciplinary awareness of multi sensory environments (MSE).
  • Establish, promote, and maintain a list of organizations and individuals who are (a) members, (b) conduct research, and (c) provide services.
  • Provide guidance to incorporate the use of multi sensory environments (MSE) for the purpose of enhancing developmentally appropriate academic curriculum or educational activities.