Chattanooga hosted successful training in March 2014.

Use of MSE with Special Populations

A special two-day training program on the Use of MSE with Special Populations was held March 28-29 in Chattanooga, TN, at the Orange Grove Center. An enthusiastic group of MSE practitioners, students and interested professionals participated in this unique and diversified program.

In addition to presentations by Linda Messbauer introducing the audience to the Basic Principles and Practices of MSE, there were presentations on Advances in Memory Care with Dementia Patients by Dawn Griswald and Janice Ryan, the use of MSE in a Mental Health Hospital by Barbara Vartanian, and Martha Summa-Chadwick introduced us to the Biomedical Use of Music in MSE. 

Attendees came from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds, and included social workers, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, art therapist, teachers, case managers, services coordinators and recreation therapists.

Reviews of this diversified program were overwhelmingly positive. All of the presenters received complimentary reviews with requests for additional training and assistance as these practitioners moved forward in their journey to establish MSE within their agency or facility.

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