AAMSE-Certified Room Design



Elements of Design

for a multi-sensory environment are learned (focal points, transitions, colors, balance). 


AAMSE offers a training session specifically for multi-sensory environment room designers. This will be developed by leaders in AAMSE-Certified Room Designs. Focal points, transitions, colors, and balance will be discussed, along with learning how to work with available resources. Details of this AAMSE-Certification process will be published in 2019, while some of the most experienced room designers in the country develop their own room design training protocol.

Day 1

Details for becoming an AAMSE-Certified Room Designer will be forthcoming in the near future. It will include two equally important applications of the MSE experience.

1.  Designing of a simple room that can be added to public places that may be in need of a calming space for safe and relaxed exploration.

2. Design of an MSE that meets the additional standards required for therapeutic goals to be reached using the Mindful Treatment Approach for new skill development.

Day 2

Depending on the number of candidates attending a training session, Day One goals may flow into Day Two. Students will learn from each other as MSE room designs are compared and discussed.


This examination will ask questions from the AAMSE-Certified Room Designer class and, must be submitted with a passing grade within three (3) months of having completed your training session to become an AAMSE-Certified Room Designer. There may be additional requirements to earn this certification based on criteria developed by some of the most experienced room designers in the country.

Sensory stimulation plays an essential role in human development. Primarily, it can shift one's awareness and create a spark of curiosity. Curiosity is the key for cultivating a sense of wonder for intrinsic learning dynamics: the interest in knowing more (inspiration), the self-push to interacting more (engagement), the discovery and joy of wanting to be more (imagination).    

-Dr. Anthony M. McCrovitz, President, Indiana Counseling Association (ICA) 2018


A Simple Philosophy

In Multi-Sensory Environment  ROOM DESIGN, AAMSE teaches the importance and superb effectiveness of MSE simple elegance .